Best Friend

The Best Friends are fellow travelers on the road of life. The best friends change and grow with each other and learn through one another's experiences and lessons...

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Treat life as the sea, your heart as the shore, and friend as waves. It never matters how many waves there are, what matter is which ones touch the shore.
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I know nothing last forever and may be we wont always stay together. But I am glad every morning when I wake up, I still have you on my friends' list. Thank you very much For being my Friend.
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Your friendship is a glowing ember through the year and each december from its warm and living spark W kindle flame against the dark and with its shining radiance light our tree of faith on Christmas night.
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DISTANCE never separates the HEART that really CARES Though we may not SPEND so much time TOGETHER you are always in my THOUGHTS my great friend.
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Friendship is not a degree to start & finish within 3 or 4 years. It is a lifetime course...... Not just to study but to feel..
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