Krishna Janmashtami Custom Letter

It's Krishna Janmashtami! Celebrate Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna with great devotion and write a beautiful and devotional Musical Letter. Simply write the letter in the first box given below, to change the line press enter. After completing the letter just press the copy button and the code will be copied, go to your friends profile and paste the code.

If things are happening according to ur wish
u r lucky
but if not
Happy Janmashtami

Krishna jinka nam, gokul jinka dham,
aise Shree Krishna bhagwan ko,
ham sab ka pranam, jai shree krrishna
Happy Janmashtami

May Lord Krishna come to your house &
take away all your Makhan
Mishri with all your worries & sorrows.
Happy Janmashtami

May this Janmashtami bring
happiness in your life
Hatred be far apart from your life.
Enjoy the festival with love on your heart
and good wishes for others.
“Jai Shri Krishna”

I am praying for you ...and I know he is listening.
May 'Makhanchor' bring ananda
and prosperity to your home !
Wish you a Blessed Janmathtami

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