Onam Personal Letter

Celebrate Onam and send warm and religious personal letter to your friends and loved ones. Just write the letter in the first box given below, to change the line press enter. After completing the letter press the copy button and the code will be copied, go to your friends profile and paste the code.
To add quotes and thoughts in your letter we have provided Onam wishes & blessings below this letter, just copy n paste in ur letter.
May the colors and lights
of Onam fill your home
with happiness and joy !
Wish you a Blessed Onam !

Onasadhyayumayi oru onam koodi
Happy Onam Wishes from me...!!

ethi ethi vannethi pinnem pinnem
vannethi onakkalam vannethi
onam brandukal vannethi
Onakkudiyammar vannethi
onakkudiyai aonathallai veedum
vannu onakalam

The Onam celebration is an occasion
for people to remind themselves of the
all pervasive nature of the Divine."
Wishing all Family members &
dear ones a Happy Onam!
ay you all have a Happy,
Peaceful and Prosperous Year ahead.

Varavariyikkunna Nalla Kalam..
Wishing U..Very Happy Onam...

Hope this Onam
turns out to be a great
celebration for you.
Onashamsakal !

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